Trash CansThe City of Abbeville has recently purchased new trash bins for the downtown area.

“I love these trash cans!,” says Charlene Beckett. “They are nice looking and serve a purpose.”

The project involves placing 5 trash bins in the downtown area and is accomplished through the combined efforts of the City of Abbeville, Keep Abbeville Beautiful, and the Abbeville Garden Club.

The project came together as a result of the recent Christmas stroll.  This annual event brings many to Abbeville’s downtown area.  The morning after the stroll it was noticed that large amounts of debris were in the city streets. The realization was that there were very few trash receptacles in the downtown area.

Ms. Beckett went to the National Main Street conference in the spring and that is when she first saw the beautifully designed trash bins.  The trash bins are made of heavy plastic and the top of the can can only be opened by a city worker with the correct key.

These bins are currently placed as follows:

  • In front of City Hall
  • The intersection of S. State St. with Lafayette St.
  • N. State Street near the Old Post Office
  • In front of Dupuy’s Oyster House
  • Near the Magdalen Place parking lot