Richard's Restaurant
The Downtown Mural
Shuck's Restaurant
Magdalen Square (South VIew)
The Depot at Magdalen Square
The Gazebo at Magdalen Square
St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church
Pere Megret St.
Vermilion Parish Courthouse
Abbeville Cultural & Historical Alliance Museum
The Downtown Bridge
Allume Society Frank’s Theatre
Pere Antoine Megret - Founder of Abbeville
The Fountain in Magdalen Square
Welcome sign upon entering Abbeville
The Downtown Bridge
C.S. Steen Syrup Mill
Sam Guarino & Son Blacksmith Shop Museum
Mural on the Side of Black's Oyster Bar
Dupuy's Oyster Shop
Abbeville Water Tower
Blacksmith Shop Educational Center
The Abbey Players
Madalen Place
Mural on the side of Piazza Office Supply
The Vermilion River
The Fountain in Magdalen Square
The Bank of Abbeville
The Vermilion Parish War Memorial