Website Screenshot

The new City of Abbeville Website

The City of Abbeville has a new online look.  The new city website was created by Bayouland Computer Solutions, a local web development firm with original photography provided by BayouPix photography, both local companies.

“There were three goals that we had in mind when we set forth on this project.  We wanted to give the city a site that was visually appealing, that operated on a Content Management system so that it could be easily maintained, and we wanted a site that had a wealth of information so that the citizens of Abbeville would find it useful” said Bayouland Computer Solutions President and CEO, Joshua LeBlanc.

“I am extremely happy that the City of Abbeville chose our firm to help them to develop a new website.  As a resident of Abbeville, I had a vested interest in making this project a success.  Abbeville is such a beautiful city and deserves a beautiful, functional online presence” LeBlanc added.

The city’s new website has an interactive “Who Do I Call feature” which provides residents with information on which department in the city to call in times of need.  It also contains information for all the departments of the City as well an events calendar and public meeting notices.