Sewer System Improvement Survey in Abbeville

The City of Abbeville is actively implementing a “SEWER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM” to alleviate the financial strain caused by rainwater infiltrating our city’s sewer system.

The inspection teams will commence a physical survey of the wastewater collection (sewer) system in your area. An integral part of this survey involves “SMOKE TESTING OF COLLECTION LINES.” The smoke that you may observe emanating from vent stacks on homes or ground openings is NONTOXIC AND POSES NO FIRE RISK.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT SMOKE DOES NOT ENTER YOUR RESIDENCE! If smoke infiltrates your home, immediately open doors and windows to ventilate the premises and vacate the area until the smoke disperses. If you come into contact with a member of the smoke testing team in your vicinity, they will provide information on the source and reason for the smoke’s entry into your building.

If you are unable to reach a team member, please contact Sellers & Associates, Inc. at (337) 232-0777 or the City of Abbeville at (337) 893-8550 to schedule another smoke test. The presence of smoke in your home often indicates a plumbing issue within your household. In some instances, however, dry sewer traps might allow smoke to enter through drains. To prevent these traps from drying out, ensure you run water into all drains periodically. SMOKE ENTERING A HOME OR BUSINESS THROUGH FAULTY PLUMBING REQUIRES PROMPT CORRECTION!

Polaroid photographs may be taken during the smoke testing in your neighborhood, and we appreciate your cooperation in allowing our photographer to capture these images.

PLEASE BE AWARE: THIS IS AN EVALUATION SURVEY! Repairs will be conducted in select locations in the very near future. The results of this survey will help identify any issues with both city and private sewer lines in your area. If repairs are required on your property, you will be contacted in advance to obtain your consent and provide an explanation of the work to be performed. We anticipate that the smoke testing in this area will take several weeks to complete.

If you are aware of a neighbor who may not receive this notification promptly, please inform them of its content. If anyone at your address has a condition that could be exacerbated by the presence of this non-toxic smoke, please use the contact number below to inform us of the situation. This same number is available for any questions or concerns you may have. We sincerely thank you for your assistance and understanding as we conduct these tests in your neighborhood.