Phase 1 of road construction is set to commence within the city of Abbeville this week. Work will include a portion of former state highway 14 and highway 82 which were part of the road transfer agreement with DOTD, executed in late 2023. Phase 1 of the project will encompass approximately 1.7 miles of roadway repairs within the city limits of Abbeville’s. These roads will be under construction in the coming days, with an estimated completion by fall of 2024.

Phase 1 Construction includes:

Pere Megret Street, starting at the intersection of Main Street, east to Magdalen Square.
All roads around Magdalen Square
Concord Street
All roads around the courthouse
North State Street beginning at a point south of Highway 14 bypass to the intersection at Peace Street
North St Charles from its intersection with Peace Street to Graceland

This collaborative endeavor between local and state authorities aims to reallocate resources and responsibilities, ensuring that transportation infrastructure aligns with the evolving needs of local communities. The City of Abbeville would like to thank our local legislators for securing funding for much needed road repairs and DOTD Region 3 for their work on this agreement. There is a broader plan to improve additional streets beyond downtown, totaling approximately 12 miles. Future improvements will include streets in all districts and will address critical connectivity issues and bolster accessibility across the city.

Expect regular updates as the project unfolds. We will share construction timelines, traffic diversions, and milestones achieved as they become available. You can also sign up for project updates by registering at

Transparency and community engagement remain paramount as Abbeville embarks on this transformative journey.

The upcoming road construction represents more than just a physical upgrade; it symbolizes a collective vision for the city’s future. By investing in critical infrastructure, Abbeville is laying the foundation for a more vibrant, connected, and prosperous community.

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