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Abbeville offers great accommodations for any stay, ranging from budget-friendly to lap-of-luxury, offering such accommodations as pet-friendly and handicap-accessible rooms. Many hotels and B&Bs offer free continental breakfast, 24-hour security, free WiFi, and parking is always free.

We are centrally located along the Cajun Corridor Scenic Byway making us a convenient home base when discovering all the area has to offer. As a guest in Abbeville, you are sure to feel at home with warm accommodating hosts eager to welcome you and make your stay extra special.

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Cajun food isn’t just a meal, it’s about the company and lively atmosphere. In the heart of Cajun Country, you’ll find a unique experience and even more flavor. Each meal is cooked with pride and from casual to upscale, Abbeville culinary offerings will offer you a dining experience you won’t soon forget!

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Come taste the good life in Abbeville! Beautiful architecture framed by majestic Oak Trees and authentic Cajun Culture is just the start of what you will find. Abbeville is home to museums, local markets, historic churches, and unique shopping experiences sprinkled with delicious restaurants and oyster bars. Listen to live music at a local pub or eatery or do a Cajun Waltz under the stars in Magdalen Square. Trace local heritage through unique cultural festivals from a Giant 5000 Egg Omelette celebrating French Traditions on historic Concorde Street to the rich tastes of the local Sicilian Celebration, we celebrate everything from Cattle to Ice Cream!

Our central location on the Cajun Corridor means you can find unique experiences right on your doorstep or just a short, traffic-free day trip away. Stop by the Vermilion Parish Tourist Center in the Cultural Museum, just off Magdalen Square, to find out what’s happening and more ideas on how to vacation like a local. A visit to Abbeville is an experience you will not soon forget!


The Honorable Roslyn White


Warm greetings and a heartfelt bienvenue to the picturesque City of Abbeville! It is my great pleasure to invite you to explore the unique experiences and rich heritage our beloved city has to offer. As the Mayor of Abbeville, I take immense pride in showcasing the beauty and charm of our community to all visitors.

Nestled in the heart of our city, you will discover a tapestry of enchanting stories and architectural sights that have shaped our past. From the quaint Magdalen Square to the stately Parish Courthouse, each corner of Abbeville tells a unique tale of our vibrant history. I encourage you to embark on a leisurely stroll through our historic district, where you can admire the meticulously preserved buildings and immerse yourself in the ambiance of a bygone era.

One of Abbeville’s greatest treasures lies in its warm and friendly community. Our residents, known for their hospitality, eagerly welcome visitors to experience our local traditions and celebrations. Whether you find yourself savoring a delicious meal at one of our restaurants, enjoying live music at a local venue, or engaging in conversation with a fellow patron at our farmers’ market, you will discover a genuine warmth that permeates every aspect of our city.

For nature enthusiasts, Abbeville offers entry to the breathtaking natural landscape of Vermilion Parish, beckoning to be explored. With lush parks, serene bayous, and scenic trails, our city provides an oasis of tranquility and a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a leisurely boat ride on Bayou Vermilion, revel in the colors of our vibrant gardens, or witness the beauty of the sunset as it frames St. Mary Magdalen Church from our town square. Abbeville’s embrace of nature is abundant, and we invite you to bask in its glory.

Our city boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene that will captivate your senses. Visit our Alliance Center to admire the talents of local artisans, explore the many murals around town showcasing different aspects of our culture and history, attend a splendid theatrical performance at Abbey Players, or indulge in the melodies of our talented musicians at a local eatery or during one of our numerous festivals. The creative spirit of Abbeville is alive and thriving, and we encourage you to immerse yourself in its artistic wonders.

As you venture through our charming city, you will encounter an array of local businesses that showcase the ingenuity and craftsmanship of our community. From boutiques and specialty shops to quaint cafes and charming bed and breakfasts, Abbeville offers a delightful array of experiences for every taste and preference. By supporting our local economy, you not only contribute to the vitality of our city but also have the opportunity to take a piece of Abbeville’s magic home with you.

Whether you are visiting for a day or planning an extended stay, the City of Abbeville welcomes you with open arms. Our vibrant community and experiences await your arrival. Allow yourself to be captivated by our history, immersed in our culture, and enveloped by the genuine warmth of our people.

On behalf of the residents of Abbeville, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for choosing our city as your destination. May your time in Abbeville be filled with delightful discoveries, lasting memories, and a deep appreciation for the unique charm that defines our beloved city.

À Bientôt,

Mayor Roslyn White
City of Abbeville


Formerly called La Chapelle, the land that was to become Abbeville was purchased by founding father Père Antoine Désiré Mégret, a Capuchin missionary, on July 25, 1843 for $900. Father Megret named the town after his home in France, Abbéville. Two people were living on the land at that time, Joseph LeBlanc and his wife Isabelle Broussard, whose former home Father Megret converted into the first Church. The original Church (then named in honor of St. Ann) burned in 1854 and St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church now stands at the same location.

Father Megret modeled his original plan for the village after a French Provincial village. In a map he made in 1846, the town was 38 to 40 acres (160,000 m2) in size. It was bounded on the north by St. Victor Boulevard, on the south by Lafayette Boulevard, on the east by “the Sisters of Charity,” and on the west by Bayou Vermilion. At this point the town was called “Abbville”. It is not clear exactly when or why the transition to “Abbeville” took place. There were two theories as to why this name was chosen. One is that it was a combination of “Abbe” for Abbé Mégret and “ville” for town – thus Abbé’s town. The other is that it was named for Abbeville in the Picardy Region of France, which some believe to have been the birthplace of Père Mégret. Some support for the second theory could be found in the fact that the town in France is pronounced “Abbville” by its denizens. However, in 1995, Fr. Jean Desobry discovered in the diocesan archives of Amiens the dossier of Fr. Antoine Jacques Désiré Mégret, who was born on May 23, 1797, at Abbeville dans la Somme and was to become the founder of Abbeville in Louisiana. He also found that on February 12, 1844, the pastor gave his Louisiana town the name of the place where he was born. The residents that settled the town were descendants of the Acadians from Nova Scotia who had moved to the area around 1766 to 1775. It was incorporated in 1850.

At the center of downtown is Magdalen Square, which is accented by large oak trees, a fountain, and a gazebo. A statue in memory of Father Megret stands in the square. Opposite Magdalen Square stands the Vermilion Parish Courthouse.


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